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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

Once your designated carrier is assigned you will receive a precise ETA for your shipment. As a rule of thumb: 0-500 Miles: 0-1 Day • 501-1,000 Miles: 2-3 Days • 1,001-1,500 Miles: 3-5 Days • 1,501-2,000 Miles: 4-7 Days • 2,001-2,500 Miles: 5-7 Days • 2,501-3,000 Miles: 7-10 Days • 3,001-3,500 Miles: 10-14 Days.

How does Mercury come up with my quote?

We base our quotes on current market demands, comparing them with rates on the National Load Board and reviewing them periodically. While other companies might offer lower prices, these below-market rates often result in delays or non-transportation. Truck drivers prioritize higher-paying loads, leaving mispriced ones behind. We provide fair, realistic quotes to ensure timely and reliable service. For more details, visit our “How we determine your quote” page.

How long does it take to ship my vehicle?

The time it takes to ship your vehicle can vary based on the distance and route. Typically, coast-to-coast shipments take between 7-10 days, while shorter routes may take 2-5 days. Factors such as weather, traffic, and specific pickup/delivery locations can also affect transit time. We strive to provide you with a precise delivery window when you book your shipment.

How does auto transport insurance work?

We ensure that the carrier assigned to pick up your vehicle is licensed and insured. When you choose Mercury for auto transport, your vehicle is covered by the carrier’s insurance policy, ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the truck/trailer size. We provide a checklist for pickup and delivery procedures, including filing claims for any rare accidental damage during transit. Explore our license and resources for more information.

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