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The state of Oklahoma, for the longest time, was technically “unorganized territory” and was basically where they would send the Native Americans that they relocated out of the Midwest and the Deep South. In 1889 it was decided that Oklahoma should become an official territory, and one of the largest land rushes in U.S. history commenced in early 1889. This led to the immediate settlement of what would become major cities such as Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and once oil was discovered under the state in the early 20th century the economy – and the population – boomed. Though the population of the entire state sits at just 3.8 million residents, its location makes it a major auto transport thoroughfare that sees carriers continually passing through the major metro areas of Oklahoma.

Unlike states like North Dakota or Iowa, there are several major interstates that carriers can use to run routes along and ultimately helps keep prices lower and carrier availability higher in or out of the larger cities of Oklahoma. I-40 is the only major east-west interstate that runs through Oklahoma, and there are often carriers often run along I-40, which passes through Oklahoma City and several smaller areas. This typically will lead to lower car shipping prices. Oklahoma City especially is a major transport hub in the region, as I-35, I-40 and I-44 all converge there. I-35 is a major north-south interstate that services the Midwest, specifically from Texas to Minnesota, and many carriers will utilize it as it connects to almost every major east-west interstate somewhere along its route.


Connections to other major interstates are important. I-44 is not that popular of an interstate, as it runs northeast from Wichita Falls to Saint Louis, and doesn’t connect to I-20 in Texas, as I-35 does. But it’s still a rather important interstate in the region, which makes it more viable as a route that auto shippers would be willing to travel along. It helps that it connects Oklahoma City to Saint Louis, as those are fairly large cities in the region. Still, when shipping to or from Oklahoma it’s best that you try to ship to or from major metro areas, particularly Oklahoma City or Tulsa. Even within the metro area would likely save you time and money as opposed to shipping from more rural areas within the state, of which there are many due to its geographic makeup. You can learn more about the state of Oklahoma by visiting its official website.

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