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Most of my life has been spent in the construction industry. I starting working at a cabinet and millwork shop in Pennsylvania at a very young age and stayed there all through middle and high school. I transitioned into the wireless industry after I graduated high school and worked there through my two years of college. I graduated with an Associates degree for Drafting and Design, and left the wireless industry to go back to the woodshop I worked at before. It was a small business so I had the opportunity to learn almost every position during the years I was there.


I did everything from ordering material, running the forklift, designing the jobs on AutoCAD, programing the CNC Router, assembling cabinets, finishing, loading the truck with the finished job and every possible thing in-between. It was an amazing experience that I am thankful for. It taught me how much I enjoy learning new things and gave me the work ethic I still have today.


November of 2015 I said goodbye to Pennsylvania and moved to Minnesota. The job opportunities there at the time were amazing and I started at a store fixture company designing fixtures. If you ever go into a Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, or other Gap Brand stores, you have most likely seen my designs. At that job, I transitioned from design to QC management. It was a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge, learn about the importance of quality, and travel to our venders to meet and talk. I gained a lot of incite on talking to people and how important good communication is.


In November 2019, my partner was offered a job in Hawaii where she has lived before and knew that she wanted to move back to. So, we decided to go for it and sold most of our things and moved to Honolulu in February of 2020. We have been here since and I am very thankful we took that leap of faith. I began working at a cabinet shop here on the island after a few months. I became one of two lead project managers and was responsible for running 14 to 15 high dollar jobs at a time. All of our product was shipped in from overseas and I was responsible for coordinating the logistics of each job. Construction is very time oriented and the schedule of the entire job relies on each subcontractor meeting strict timelines.  This is where I became familiar with the shipping industry.  After the opportunity arose for me to go back to school and pursue a different career, I left the construction industry behind and transitioned into the shipping industry fully.


Every day in this industry I get to talk to and help new people. I enjoy taking the stress out of a stressful situation and educating as many people as I can about what we do here at Mercury. I am always happy to talk to you and answer as many questions as you can ask.




Honolulu, HI

Hobbies & Interests

Scuba diving, snowboarding, golf, traveling, board games, and trying as much new food as I can.