Auto Transport Carriers

Auto transport carriers are the backbone of the vehicle shipping industry. They are the companies and the drivers that physically transport vehicles from one location to another, and without them vehicles would not move and there would not be an auto transport industry at all. There are thousands of auto transport companies in the United States, and a good chunk of those are carriers looking to transport your vehicle. Most carriers will stick to specific routes when they travel, so they can quickly and easily get from one location to another and not have to worry about consulting maps or GPS systems as often. There are thousands of different routes carriers can travel on, too, so chances are pretty good we’ll be able to find a carrier along your route.

There are three types of carriers out there, and we want to make sure that you are informed about how each carrier works and what you can expect when you transport your vehicle with them.

Open Auto Transport Carriers Open Auto Transport Carriers

Open auto transport carriers are considered the standard carrier in the industry today. There are more open carriers than any other type of transport truck. Click the underlined title above for more information about transporting a vehicle via an open transport carrier.

Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

Enclosed auto transport carriers are not as readily available as open carriers but they do not have to be. Enclosed carriers specialize in hauling vehicles that cannot be exposed to the elements that most cars are during open transportation.

Flatbed Transport Carriers Flatbed Transport Carriers

Flatbed carriers are the least-used transporters, required only for vehicles that are too big or wide or tall or heavy for a standard open auto transport carrier. Few customers will require flatbed transportation services but it is there in case you do.

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