Motorcycle Transport Services

The motorcycle has changed the face of transportation, offering a freewheeling way to enjoy the open road like never before. Although you probably enjoy riding your motorcycle cross country there is a time when you might have to move, and riding a motorcycle is out of the question.

Transporting A Motorcycle

Thus, motorcycle transport services are something that you’ll look into. Transporting a motorcycle is a little different then transporting a vehicle, and if your motorcycle has been well cared for, you want to make sure that it is transported accurately.

Read on below to find out what the procedures for shipping your beloved motorcycle are and what you can expect in the process.

Need To Know About Motorcycle Transport Services

Automotive shipping is one of the most expensive services that you can utilize, just because of how big some vehicles are. But, motorcycle shipping, on the other hand, is a little different because a motorcycle is a whole different type of beast. Motorcycles are much smaller which means that they are easier to ship, and there are a variety of different motorcycles which makes the shipping process vary. The price is always going to be uniquely different depending on what kind of motorcycle you are shipping, whether its a sportbike or a dirt bike.

For long hauls, motorcycles need to be shipping via enclosed trailer, which oftentimes is a more expensive method for shipping. But, shipping a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer is cheaper because most haulers will take multiple motorcycles on a single load. The more motorcycles that are going to a specific destination the cheap your rate is going to be, and this will save you money and headache in the long run. Shipping a motorcycle is an easier process than shipping a car, and you can save a substantial amount of money in the meantime.

Transporting your motorcycle is an intensive task, and you’ll want to make sure that your motorcycle is ready for the voyage. There are a few preps that you’ll want to do to your bike to make sure that it’s ready for the move, and these steps include a few things that you’ll need to do which will make the motorcycle prepared for its journey. Draining the fluids out of the bike is a smart thing to do because the vibrations of the road during the long voyage could cause leaks to form around the o-rings and engine bay. Preparing your motorcycle for transport mechanically will ensure a safe move, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.

Your motorcycle probably cost you a good deal of money, and as such, you want to make sure that it makes it to its new destination in one piece. When it comes to choosing a motorcycle transport company, you want to look into the companies history and see what kind of customer interaction the company has had over the past few years. You’ll also want to ensure that the company does closed transport because you don’t want your motorcycle to be exposed to the elements during such a long trip, and even if the trip is going to be a short distance, you still want your motorcycle to be in an enclosed setting whenever possible.

Utilizing a company that specializes in motorcycle transport will ensure that your beautiful bike gets to its destination in one piece, and the company will be familiar with all the logistics that it takes to ship a motorcycle. There is a difference between shipping a car and shipping a motorcycle, and an experienced company will recognize these differences.


Motorcycle transport has been around for decades, but only recently have the trailers evolved in terms of design and safety features. Naturally, towing a motorcycle for a long-distance requires some sort of enclosed trailer, protecting the bike from the elements and theft. You’ll want a company that utilizes the newest trailers to make sure that your bike is the utmost safest hands during this move, and an enclosed trailer will ensure that your bike looks the same way as it did before it was loaded onto the trailer.

Open trailers are not all that bad, though, especially if you are moving the motorcycle locally. If the trailer is only going to be on the road for a few hours, and you aren’t too worried about theft, an open-air trailer can be a quick and affordable option. The things to look for on an open trailer are the tire pressure, and you’ll want to make sure that all of the latches and restraints are in working order for the move.

Here comes the fun part, actually shipping the bike. Depending on how you planned your move, the shipping process is pretty easy once you have set everything up. You’ll have probably located your vendor and trailer, which means that it’s time to ship the bike. You ideally want to ship your motorcycle a few days ahead of your actual move, because the bike will make it to the destination by the time you arrive. Furthermore, you’ll want to have a designated area where you pick your bike up, either from a local drop-off facility or you can have it delivered directly to your home if you plan on making it at the same time.

The cost is another factor to consider when it comes to shipping a motorcycle. Generally, the cost is a lot less than shipping a car, which is why many people choose a motorcycle over a full-size vehicle in the first place. You can expect to pay between $300 to $750 to have your motorcycle transported 1,000 miles. The cost will generally be a lot less if you are having the motorcycle moved from a local location, and this is also where finding a simplistic open trailer is a more viable option for smaller moves.

Motorcycles are one of those things that you either really love or can’t stand; it seems there are few people who sit on the fence when it comes to motorcycles. But the fact of the matter is that there is something liberating about riding a motorcycle, something that plucks at the hearts of many Americans. And when it comes time to transport it, for whatever reason, you want your motorcycle to be in the best hands. But more important, you want to know how it’s going to be shipped and how well it will be taken care of. Read on to find out how motorcycles are shipped and how that will affect your auto transport prices.

Motorcycles, being smaller than a standard car, actually cost less to ship, on the whole. Whether you’re transporting a small racing bike, a dirt bike, a chopper, or even something like a trike or a quad, anything resembling a motorcycle or ATV will be shipped in much the same manner. That is, they will be loaded onto a specialized crate and secured via a locking mechanism on the bottom of the crate that will prevent movement while at the same time being enclosed and unable to fall or otherwise get damaged during transport. However, you should read our ATV transport services page for more information about some of the nuances of shipping larger bike-based vehicles.

Most carriers that provide motorcycle shipping services drive an enclosed carrier, but that doesn’t mean you should expect to see enclosed prices. Motorcycles are smaller and thus more can fit in an enclosed trailer than can regular automobiles. This means that carriers can haul more motorcycles at a time, which means more customers per load, which means more money per load. This is a major part of why motorcycle shipping is cheaper than standard shipping, and by crating the motorcycles they not only prevent damaging them during transport, but they also maximize their space and are thus able to fit more motorcycles into their trucks safely and securely.


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The more you know about the process and how we work, the less surprises will be waiting for you when it comes time to transport your vehicle.

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