Car Shipping Analytics:

The Essential Information for a Smooth Auto Transport Experience

By understanding this information, you can save a lot of money, time, and hassle. For example, knowing the perfect time to ship your car for the best rate is one method of how you can use this data.

The demand for car shipping in the United States and the supply of carriers available to transport them are essential factors in determining your cost.

Other vital components significantly improve your experience as well. Such as accurately estimating the time it takes to pick up and deliver your vehicle on any given route.

For these reasons, we believe it’s essential to track all the auto transport data in the United States and share that with you.

Save on your next car shipping move

While analyzing auto transport demand in the United States is valuable, we cannot understate how advantageous it is to know the exact regions of this traffic.

This knowledge reveals precisely how busy your specific route is. Furthermore, it informs you if and when shipping your auto is ideal for obtaining the lowest transport cost.

With this data, you can estimate when and where it’s best to ship your vehicle and save money.

In this chart, under the legend in the upper right-hand corner, there is a dropdown box where you can select the Region in the United States you are shipping your car from and would like to analyze.

When is the best time to move my car?

In the graph below, you can see if there are Demand Imbalances on any given route.

A demand imbalance is when far more vehicles are shipping one way than in the opposite direction.

However, the lower demand direction can also contribute to reduced cost and a faster pick-up if you are going that way. 

Otherwise, if you are shipping on a more even and balanced route, you should see more reasonable pricing regardless of the direction you send your car.

How to use this chart: 

In the chart below, you can View the Graph Legend in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking this will show you all the different regions, including the states you are shipping your vehicle. In addition, under the legend, you can see the dropdown box where you can select the area you want to examine.

Example: If you select the region “Northeast,” you can see all the info to/from the northeast with all other areas. In this case, if you were in New York (NY) and shipping to Florida (FL), you can view the line that shows the Origin “Northeast” and the Destination “Southeast” and see how many cars are going back in the opposite direction. If there is an imbalance where many cars are going one way, you can expect higher costs and possibly longer wait times when the demand is higher.

See when demand for auto transport is high or low.

In this chart, you can see the trend of how many vehicles are ready to be shipped at any given time over the last three years.

On this time scale, you can see the yearly, seasonal, and economic trends. You can evaluate when it’s most likely for demand to increase or decrease by looking back at the last few years or checking out the weekly and monthly ranges as well. 

This traces the number of vehicles that are available for transport within 14 days from the dates recorded.

These autos represent all the cars, SUVs, and trucks on the top load boards awaiting carriers to be assigned for pick up and transport in the US.

You can use this graph and select time periods from the most recent three months to the last three years. 

In the smaller second graph, you can see the breakdown in changes over the last three months and terms of weeks.

Our graphs and charts are exclusive to Mercury Auto Transport

While we track all this data, we made sure to include the crucial details that help you understand your route, what to expect, and the knowledge to execute the best course of action for your shipment. Our agents specialize in identifying what needs to be done in any given situation to get your car moved when and where you need it to go.

This information gives us the best opportunity to do the job without guesswork. You will not find these charts or any of this information on another website. These graphs are something we have been working diligently on in our efforts to fulfill our mission, to make the auto transport process as transparent and seamless as possible. This attention to detail, coupled with our training, is a critical difference that separates Mercury Auto Transport and our Agents from the competition.

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