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The automobile is a symbol of freedom and expression, one that really sticks in the heart of the average American, and whether you have a small two-door coupe, a sports car, a sedan or whatever it may be, it’s important to you, because it’s your car.

We know when you’re looking for car transport services, you want your vehicle to be well taken care of.

We compiled this handy article to explain to you some of the more important aspects of transporting regular cars and how they will affect your auto transport prices and experience.

How To Ship Your Car Domestically Or Internationally

Cars have changed the face of transportation forever, going from the horse and buggy to the modern face of transportation that takes us everywhere from family reunions to the grocery store. In addition to utilizing vehicles for our everyday driving there is also a special class of vehicles that are known as collectors cars, and when it comes to moving across the country you probably wouldn’t want to drive a rare car for thousands of miles would you. Car shipping is a service that we are all going to need at one point or another, and choosing the right company to transport your prized possession will take some research.

The car transport business is not a one size fits all glove, and there is a good deal of prep work that should go into the process. There is more to transport your vehicle then just throwing it on top of a tow truck, especially if the vehicle is going to be transported a far distance. Let us examine a few of the things that go into shipping a vehicle the right way, and what you’ll need to plan to get this job done right. The car transport business is full of professional companies who have been doing this for a long time, and you shouldn’t have to lose sleep at night when you ship your car.

Understanding The Distance

The first thing that is going to come to mind when we think about shipping a vehicle is going to be the distance, is the car going to be shipped domestically or internationally? Yes, that’s right you can ship a car internationally but it will cost a little more than the domestic route. Shipping companies will calculate their quote by distance, so providing an accurate address and distance is going to be key to getting a fair and balanced quote. Tools like the auto transport calculator also help to take the guesswork out of getting a quote, and you should expect that most companies will offer a similar quote for the same amount of miles.

The Type Of Car Makes A Difference

Another factor that goes into car shipping is the make and model, because not every car is the same. The price to transport a Dodge Ram dually pickup truck is not going to be the same as the price to transport a tiny Mitsubishi Mirage. The bigger the car the more complicated of a trailer is going to be needed and vice versa, and there are also specific needs such as a covered trailer for collectors cars. These are aspects that you’ll want to consider and express to the auto transport company before you settle on a deal because every car is different and has a different need when it comes to auto transport.

There Are Different Transport Types

You’ve probably seen the auto transport trucks on the highway, the big open trailers that can house up to eight vehicles. But, that is not the only type of auto transport as there are quite a few options. You can choose from the enclosed trailer form of auto transport which is ideal for protecting rare vehicles that you might not want to be exposed to the elements, and the closed transport is also great for recreational vehicles and motorcycles. Although the enclosed form of auto transport can cost a little more, the added benefit of the protection is definitely worth the price when your vehicle makes it to its destination.

The Vehicle Condition

So here’s the thing, you want to be upfront and honest about the vehicle condition before the car transport company gets there. If the vehicle is inoperable the company will need to know because this will require more dedicated equipment to get the car where it needs to be, and depending on how complicated the situation might be the entire process could be delayed. A good rule of thumb is that a vehicle will at least have the ability to steer and roll, as well as the shift into neutral gear.

If you are shipping a vehicle there is a good chance that it doesn’t run, but you at least want the process to go as smooth as possible. Shipping a vehicle is an intensive process, and if a vehicle is in poor condition it might not make the trip. If you are opting for an open-air variation of transport you’ll want to visually inspect the vehicle and make sure that there are no loose or dangling parts that could potentially be a hazard on the freeway. The issue could be a hazard for other drivers as well as a potential ticket for the transport company, and this will only slow down your vehicle getting to its destination.

Location Is Key

The location is an important part of the transport process because the more rural an area that you live in the less auto transport companies there will be. Living in or near a major metropolitan area will make the process of acquiring an auto transport company a little easier, as you are going to be dealing with smaller operations in the smaller parts of the country. The bigger the city will also mean a better rate because if an automotive transport company is doing a lot of business they can afford to charge more economical rates. You’ll want to go with a company that has experience transporting vehicles in all weather conditions, that way you’ll know that your vehicle is going to make it back on time.

The Season Makes A Difference

The auto transport industry is ever-changing, and the season will make a difference in how much you can expect to pay for auto transport as well. The summertime months are the peak season for auto transport, and if this is the time that you have decided to move you can expect to pay a little more. The wintertime months are ripe with more road hazards because of the ice and rain in certain parts of the country, so you’ll want to pay attention to the weather in the area that you are moving to. If you are moving to an area that is prone to icing you can expect to either pay a premium or have a delay when it comes to getting your vehicle where it needs to be. The season can play a major role in the vehicle transport business, and research in the key to getting the job done right. You don’t want to make a mistake when it comes to transporting your vehicle so taking the time to research where your car is going to be shipped to and the elements is an essential part of understanding the process.

Affordable Car Shipping

A standard car is anything that is a coupe or a sedan, from the smallest subcompact cars all the way to the huge full-size sedans that seem like you’re driving a boat. But all of these vehicles are considered “standard” in the auto shipping industry, which means that all prices and quotes that you receive for transporting a standard car will be the bare-bones price you’ll need to pay. Many larger vehicles are priced by taking the price of a standard vehicle on the same route and adding additional money to the order to compensate for the larger size or additional weight.

The most important aspect of your auto transport price, when shipping a standard car, is where the vehicle is coming from and where it’s going to – in other words, the specific route that your vehicle is traveling on. There are thousands of carriers running thousands of routes through thousands of different areas, regions and cities.

Some Carriers won’t pick up loads for a variety of reasons – it’s too far off the route, the delivery city is too far, the route isn’t busy enough, they’re going the opposite direction – there’s a lot more than that too, but carrier availability is based primarily on where you’re moving from and to.

Reliable Car Shipping

With a standard car it’s a lot easier to find a carrier, which is always nice. If you’re transporting a vehicle into or out of a rural area and you aren’t having luck finding a carrier, moving the pickup or delivery city (or both) to a larger metropolitan area could help the cause. Carriers don’t like traveling too far off their routes to pickup or deliver vehicles without additional incentive and moving to and from major metro areas can also help save you money on your car transport services.

Ready To Transport Your Car?

Now that you understand the ins and outs of the auto transport process you can rest assured that your vehicle will make it to its destination on time and in-tact. Researching is key when it comes to a positive process, so take the time to gather information on where you are moving to and the characteristics of your vehicle so that you can be provided with an accurate quote. The automotive transport process doesn’t have to be an intimidating one, and the process can go quite smoothly once you have everything in order. Taking the time to do your due diligence and compare the various auto transport quotes will help you to make an informed decision, and you’ll have your vehicle safe and sound at your new destination in no time.

For assistance in transporting your vehicle no matter the route, we have experienced agents ready to help and standing by.  You can call us at (800) 553-1828 or Request a Quote online.

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