Travel Trailer Transport

Trying to move a travel trailer can be difficult and time-consuming. Most especially if you don’t know what you’re up against. In fact, moving something like a travel trailer is a lot different from moving a regular car. For the reason that they’re bigger.  Moreover, travel trailers have to be hitched to the back of a truck or SUV in order to be moved. They can’t be driven under their own power because if a travel trailer has a motor, and you can drive it. Similarly, it’s considered a motor home. So when transporting a travel trailer, you have to understand how they are actually transported. Learn more about how you can transport travel trailer below. Need to ship your travel trailer? We’ve got you covered.

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Auto Transport Truck

Since a travel trailer can’t be moved without something else to move it, loading it onto the back of a standard open auto transport truck is going to be hard. Not only that, but most travel trailers can’t even fit onto the back of an open auto transport carrier. This is beacause they’re either too tall, too wide, too heavy, or a combination of the three. Logistically, travel trailers can be a real pain to transport. However, people need to have them transported, so there’s going to be people there that will be able to do it.

Unless you can hire someone to hitch it to their truck and haul your trailer, you’re most likely going to have to put it on the back of a flatbed transport carrier.  This is because they are usually the only type of truck able to handle something as big and heavy as a travel trailer. Flatbed trucks are big, there’s no denying that, and as they’re designed to haul anything that a standard carrier can’t. This includes vehicles that cannot move under their own power. Chances are a flatbed truck will be able to ship your travel trailer. 

Travel Trailer Transport Cost

However, flatbed transporters are kind of hard to find and pretty spendy to book with when you do. This is because flatbed carriers just aren’t as common in the industry as open or enclosed transporters. For the reason that they only haul specific types of vehicles or vehicles that meet certain conditions. If your car can fit on a standard carrier, we’re going to book with a standard carrier unless you want it enclosed. We won’t go searching for a flatbed truck to move your vehicle unless we absolutely have no other choice. Learn more about the types of auto transport trailer

We don’t want to stick you with an option that will cost you more. Then, take longer to get your vehicle picked up unless we have no other options available to us. When it comes to travel trailer transport, we don’t have any other choice. And unfortunately, neither do you. Flatbed carriers take longer for us to find and will be more expensive. However, as they are the only carriers that will be able to move your travel trailer, we will find you the best flatbed carrier for your travel trailer transport. 

Why Mercury Auto Transport?

We here at Mercury Auto Transport only work with the best auto transport carriers in the industry to transport your vehicle, and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your vehicle will be in good hands when you book with us.  The more you know about the process and how we work, the fewer surprises will be waiting for you when it comes time to transport your vehicle.

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