New & Used Car Delivery: Everything You Need To Know (+ Tips)

In this article, we’ll break down exactly how to have your new or used car delivered from a dealership or elsewhere to where you need it, anywhere in the US.

As one of America’s leading auto transport companies with over 4000+ 5-star reviews, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about auto shipping and delivery.

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Do Car Dealerships Deliver?

Some dealerships offer this service as an optional addition to the agreement of buying the vehicle, usually for a small cost.

In some cases, a dealership might agree to deliver the vehicle to your home for free.

This process might be through some sort of promotional program or simply because they are trying to provide additional value to new car owners.

For a fee, many used car dealerships like Shift, CarMax, and Carvana all offer vehicle delivery as well.

Should You Have Your Car Delivered?

Delivering your new car to your house

The first and most common reason for having your car delivered rather than driving it off the lot is that it’s extremely convenient, especially if you’re buying a vehicle from somewhere that’s not a quick drive from your home.

Taking advantage of car delivery also expands your car shopping options without the hassle of having to fly somewhere, rent a hotel room, and driving your car all the way back.

Or the awkward conversation of having someone else drive you a long distance to pick up your new car!

Home Vehicle Delivery is Very Convenient

Let’s imagine that you just agreed to purchase the perfect vehicle from a specific dealer. Through the negotiating process, you have managed to agree to a vehicle delivery program, or have decided to use an auto transport company like Mercury.

One of the reasons that this could be a great idea is because it removes the stress of driving your newly-owned vehicle off of the dealership lot.

You don’t have to wait for the vehicle to be prepped, washed, and inspected. All of that stress can be eliminated by agreeing to have the dealer deliver the car right to your driveway at home.

Similarly, the dealership might not be convenient to your home. Maybe you purchased the vehicle solely online. Perhaps you made the trek to the dealership in your current car with no extra driver to drive the new vehicle home. Either way, delivery gives you the opportunity to have your new car safely delivered to your home.

As previously mentioned, some dealers automatically offer this service to customers for a small delivery fee.

Some dealerships might even be willing to do this for free in order to sell the car. The customer that is buying the car often has a little bit of negotiating leverage.

In most cases, it is worth getting every inch of value out of your vehicle purchase.

Home Vehicle Delivery is Safe

A lot of customers might be wondering if home vehicle delivery programs are safe.

What happens if the delivery driver damages your new car during the delivery process?

What happens if the vehicle that is delivered is not the same as the vehicle that is described in the purchase contract?

These are all important topics to address, and you will have the opportunity to learn about these plausible scenarios.

Home Vehicle Delivery Crash Scenario

Let’s say the person delivering your vehicle gets into an accident while delivering your car. If this did happen, there are two possible scenarios.

The first scenario is that the delivery driver would have to file an insurance claim through their personal policy and the insurance company would likely pay to replace the vehicle with another brand new identical model.

The second scenario is that the dealership would take over the costs and the delivery driver would likely be in major trouble with their employer.

Regardless of the scenario, there is very little chance that the blame is placed on the buyer. The only minor problem with both scenarios is that you would likely have to wait a while to acquire your ‘replacement’ new car.

Home Vehicle Delivery | Vehicle Not as Described Scenario

You might be wondering what could happen if a dealership delivers a vehicle to a new buyer that is not identical to the one that is described in the purchasing agreement.

For example, imagine a dealership delivering a car with a different color, or alternatively, imagine a dealership delivering a car with more mileage than what is agreed to in the paperwork.

If the vehicle is not as described, then you have the right to dispute the delivery. This is one of the important reasons why it is best to have the paperwork signed after the vehicle is transported and delivered to your property.

In this scenario, if the vehicle is not as described, simply don’t fill out the paperwork.
If you make the mistake of purchasing the vehicle and signing the paperwork in person, only to have the vehicle delivered at a later time, you could run the risk of running into this scenario where the delivered vehicle does not match the description.

With that being said, these are improbable scenarios, and most dealerships that act in good faith would never try to do something like this to one of their customers. It is always a good idea to only agree to sign the paperwork after it is delivered to you.

By following these recommendations, you are increasing the chances of having your new car delivered safely, accurately, and efficiently.

What Should You Expect with Home Vehicle Delivery?

In most situations, having your brand new vehicle delivered to your home is convenient, safe, and easier than going to the dealership and waiting there for a handful of hours for everything to be finished.

There is a very basic list of expectations that you should have as a vehicle buyer, especially if you have never had a newly-purchased vehicle delivered to your home before.

These expectations should vary a little bit depending on the type of dealership that you are working with, as well as their reputation and reliability.

Car Delivery Time Window

The Bill of Lading will typically include all of the delivery information about your vehicle shipping service.

As soon as the customer and the transport company come to an agreement on delivery time, this information can then be inserted into the Bill of Lading.

Vehicle shipping is extremely convenient, especially for new vehicles. Selecting the right auto transport company can be extremely important.

You should always conduct the appropriate research to ensure that your auto transport company has a successful reputation with on-time vehicle deliveries.

Last Minute Paperwork

Getting your care safely delivered to your home

Utilizing an auto transport service can be extremely convenient, but don’t be surprised if there is some last-minute paperwork once the delivery has occurred.

Once your vehicle has arrived at your desired destination, you will likely be required to pay the remaining cost of your delivery shipping fees. You are typically only charged a deposit fee prior to the vehicle transport process.

What is a Bill of Lading?

There is a good chance that you may have never heard of a Bill of Lading before. The Bill of Lading is a common document that is used for vehicle transport.

This form typically highlights important information about the delivery driver, delivery vehicle, and delivery location.

The Bill of Lading will serve as legal documentation before, during, and after the vehicle transport occurs. In many cases, customers will be asked to sign their name on the Bill of Lading to certify the vehicle delivery process.

You should always review the Bill of Lading contract to ensure that everything aligns with your expectations. This is an important step to take to ensure that the vehicle transport process goes exactly as planned.

Auto Transport Drivers

Vehicle shipping services can help you to transport your new vehicle from one location to another.
This is not possible without the addition of auto transport drivers. An auto transport driver is the specific person that is responsible for bringing your vehicle from the starting point to the destination.

The Future of Virtual Car Purchases

As new technology continues to become available to the general public, past experiences start to evolve into new ideas and new methods of conducting everyday life.

This could mean that there might come a time where driving is less popular. As a result of this, you could expect to see vehicle transport services dominate the industry in the next several decades.

If current trends continue, then this will likely occur within the next 25 years. Vehicle shipping services are already prominent for many different situations, but don’t be surprised if companies find some new ways to expand their services to customers.

No-Contact Vehicle Purchases with Home Vehicle Delivery

Home vehicle purchase and delivery will continue to become more prevalent. Auto transport is an extremely popular service that more and more people are starting to use every single day.

Video conferencing software could be used to negotiate the vehicle purchase and there are many ways to review financial information virtually as well. With all of that being said, virtual car purchases are likely going to become significantly more popular in the coming years.

That likely means that home vehicle delivery will also become more popular.

Self-Driving Vehicle Delivery in the Future

Everyone is probably aware that self-driving vehicles are being tested right now and they will likely make their debut on public roads in the next several years. With that being said, just imagine the scenario where a self-driving vehicle transports itself from one location to another.

The world is still many years and probably decades away from this technology, but just thinking about it might blow your mind completely.

It’s unclear how self-driving vehicles will affect auto transport companies. It’s possible that auto transport services will even be able to take advantage of the self-driving feature at some point.

The advent of self driving trucks could mean that auto transport could become autonomous in the future. This would make vehicle delivery even more widely available and convenient.

Final Thoughts

Your Next Perfect Vehicle Online

If you have never considered utilizing an auto transport service to transport your car, then it might be a good idea to consider this idea next time.

Many people are starting to use this type of service because it is convenient, efficient, and popular among customers.

Home vehicle delivery is really safe and it often makes customers feel more comfortable than transporting the vehicle themselves.

Auto transport companies specialize in vehicle delivery, which can take a lot of stress and anxiety off of your shoulders.

Auto transport services can deliver your vehicle up to thousands of miles away at a destination of your choice.

You could have your vehicle transported across the country in a matter of days, especially if you choose a reliable auto transport company.

You can also avoid the anxiety that comes with driving your vehicle in unfamiliar areas for the first time.

It might be more comfortable to allow a transport service to bring your vehicle through unfamiliar areas.

All of the auto transport information that you need is available in this guide. You should review all of this information and just be informed that there might be some minor fees relating to your home vehicle delivery. You should always ask the auto transport service about the delivery fees before committing to a home vehicle delivery.

The good news is that, in most cases, there are affordable auto transport delivery services that are efficient and reliable.

The convenience of auto transport is still being discovered by millions of people across the nation.
The good news is that auto transport companies are continuing to grow, and they will likely continue to evolve their services in the coming years.


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