Important Security Update from Mercury Auto Transport

Protecting Our Customers: Changes in Payment Policy and Scam Alert

May 30, 2024

Dear Valued Customers,

At Mercury Auto Transport, we prioritize the security and satisfaction of our clients above all else. It has come to our attention that imposters have been falsely representing our esteemed company, leading to unfortunate incidents of fraud. To combat this, we are implementing crucial changes to our payment policies and providing guidance to help you stay safe.

Recent Imposter Scams Alert
We’ve been alerted to the presence of scammers who are contacting individuals, falsely claiming to be from Mercury Auto Transport. These imposters have been requesting payments through ACH (Automated Clearing House), Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App. Unfortunately, some customers have fallen victim to these scams, paying these fraudsters and later realizing the deception. Our team is actively working with authorities to track down these perpetrators and put an end to these fraudulent activities.

New Payment Policy for Enhanced Security
To ensure your financial safety and to prevent such incidents in the future, we are modifying our payment methods. Effective immediately, Mercury Auto Transport will no longer accept payments via ACH (Automated Clearing House), Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle. Our accepted methods of payment now are only Credit & Debit Card transactions. This change is to provide an added layer of security and verification, safeguarding your transactions with us.

How to Verify Authentic Communication
Please be vigilant if you receive any communication requesting payment through disallowed methods. All official communication from Mercury Auto Transport will be through our verified channels, and we will never solicit payments via ACH, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App. If you’re ever in doubt, please contact us directly through our official website or customer service line.

Commitment to Customer Service
We deeply regret any inconvenience or distress caused by these scammers. If you have been a victim of this scam, please reach out to us immediately. We are here to assist you with your transportation needs and guide you through the correct and secure booking process.

Your trust in Mercury Auto Transport is invaluable to us. We are taking all necessary steps to prevent future incidents and ensure your experience with us is safe, secure, and satisfactory. For more detailed information on our new payment policy and tips for safe transactions, please visit our privacy policy page.

Feel confident in booking your car shipment with Mercury Auto Transport, where we value your security as much as your business.

For any queries or to request a quote, please contact us directly at 800-553-1828.