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Even if transporting a car isn’t on your mind right now, it could be in the future. Here are 5 reasons you could find yourself needing to ship a vehicle. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Cross-country moves are a top reason people hire auto shippers
  • Retirees are a high-risk group who may benefit from car shipping most of all
  • The risks of college driving are greatly reduced by car shipping
  • New jobs can mean relocation and time crunches that are easily resolved by auto transport

Sooner or later, you may be faced with the need to ship your car interstate or further afield. The best scenarios allow the luxury of selecting a transport window at leisure. Other situations such as relocating to college or employment can pressure you with an imposed schedule.

Whatever the reasons to ship a vehicle, you’ll find there are some considerations unique to those circumstances and others that apply every time. This guide will discuss how working with an experienced auto transport broker can provide multiple benefits if your personal circumstances change in the future.

1. Moving cross-country

A cross-country drive can clock in at just 50 miles or range between 2500 and 3500 miles. Making longer trips solo represents a significant investment of your time, effort, and compound expenses like gas, parking, accommodations, and food and drink.

Long-distance driving comes with an extensive list of dangers to avoid, and the best way to stay safe is by handing your keys to an auto carrier. A reliable car shipping company can protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, and transit damage. More importantly, they can also prevent potential physical harm to drivers, passengers, and passers-by.

Check out our article “Why Use a Car Transport Company During a Shifting?” for further insights.

2. Retirement

This milestone brings a lot of freedom that may be exercised by relocating to a new state or perhaps a different country altogether. Less permanent moves are also popular amongst retirees. They may take long road trips to relocate for a few weeks or a season to warmer or cooler climates before heading back home. This makes it important for retirees to understand how seasons affect shipping.

Many drivers are able to enjoy early retirement, but the average age for retirees in 2021 is 64 years old. It can be a hard fact for drivers to accept that, beyond the inherent risks of long-distance drives for vacations or relocations, many retirees aren’t the motorists they used to be.

Physical deterioration makes the basics of driving harder, such as keeping pedals depressed, turning the steering wheel, and even looking around to check lanes. The decline in sensory perception increased the likelihood of being on medication. Also, slower reflexes can also contribute to a higher possibility of accidents, injuries, or even death.

These risk factors are eliminated when retirees entrust their vehicles to a car transport company. Journeys of any distance are left in the hands of fully alert professionals, and seniors can enjoy traveling without the danger of being hurt on the road. Be sure to follow road safety basics no matter the reason for driving if you’re in the senior age demographic.

3. Life changes in college

Whether you’re a parent or a student, car transport and college should go hand in hand to reduce everyone’s stress levels. The initial concern is getting the vehicle delivered to campus or student accommodations when kids have to leave home, which can mean long-distance travel. The next concern is getting both car and student home safely for holidays and other visits.

College-age drivers will almost certainly be mentally fatigued when it comes time to drive home from campus. This can seriously compromise their safety through diminished attention on the road. They can also suffer a case of moving day nerves when they first drive off for class. Emotions running high and last-minute checklists can all have the same diminishing effect.

College life is also synonymous with alcohol consumption. Some students are thus at greater risk of an accident. Working with an experienced auto carrier gives college kids and parents one less thing to worry about.

4. Relocating for work

Career changes and promotions can take a long time in planning. When the time comes to take a new position, it may require a quick move to the next location. Moving for a job the right way is stressful enough without having to worry about getting the car from A to B. The quicker an employee can relocate, the less chance they’ve got of losing wages by showing up late for their new job.

Transitioning employment often comes with a built-in wage loss as people find themselves in a gap between leaving one workplace and waiting to get their first payments from the next. This makes it a good time to start strategizing spending and saving as much money as possible. Compared to the assured single cost of on-road charges, hiring an automobile shipper is a one-time outlay. Additionally, potential vehicle damage from extensive journeys may result in repair or replacement expenditures.

5. Buying a car online

After making an online purchase, the seller or dealer often arranges for auto shipping. However, buyers who make close purchases can plan shipment since they are unable to pick it up personally. Greater distances in-state or out-of-state leave buyers with two choices. These choices are to run the gauntlet of driving there and back alone or call an auto carrier.

The latter makes more sense provided the buyer has got plenty of photographs of their purchase’s condition. It is great if the buyer also has an appraisal by a mechanic before it gets loaded for transport. This is a best practice in any shipping situation, as it helps owners hold carriers accountable for any transit damage. It is especially important if you’ve paid for enclosed transport. Check out our blog for advice on the online buying process.

Talk to Mercury Auto Transport for more insight

Mercury Auto Transport is a full-service auto shipping broker specializing in connecting carriers with customers all across the country. We can be there whatever your reasons are to ship a vehicle. Also, we’ll make the process transparent and reliable, so you can focus on other things.

You can contact our team today at or call 800-553-1828 to find out more about making your car shipping experience safer and more cost-effective.


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