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Shipping any car can be a little stressful. You might not be sure who to hire for the job, and you might have questions about the right time of year to send your car to your new home. Many considerations go into the shipping process and for many car owners, it can be a bit of a process to find the right shipping company for their needs. Shipping companies come in all shapes and sizes and can offer different benefits for your needs.

 This can be even more complicated with an exotic car that needs to be shipped. Exotic cars can be more fragile and harder to fit onto modern car trailers. You might want to inquire about additional considerations like insurance and the timing of the trip. Shipping an exotic car can feel like it’s more trouble when you do not know enough about the process.

If you need some tips for shipping an exotic car, you need to keep reading to learn more.

Tips For Shipping An Exotic Car

These tips will help make your shipping experience easier if you own an exotic car. Shipping your car abroad can be a risky proposition. Therefore, be sure to ask the right questions and research the best transportation options before signing a contract.

1.       Look for Enclosed Trailers When Shipping An Exotic Car

Exotic cars often have fragile parts that are very hard to replace, like uniquely thin windshields and hard-to-source paint. You will not want your exotic car hauled on an open car trailer for many reasons, but most of all because of the risk of damage to the vehicle that can happen when it is exposed to the elements on the freeway. You should be sure that your exotic car is not hauled across the country being exposed to the weather or rock chips from gravel along with the mountain passes.

This is one of the first questions that you need to ask any shipping company that you are thinking of working with for the transport job. You may not be able to fit some exotic cars onto a standard trailer, so an enclosed trailer is best. Most shipping companies that offer this service will offer it to you as soon as they know what kind of car you are sending. However, it is always worth asking for it right away.

You will spend a lot more money repairing your exotic that was damaged being hauled on an open trailer than you will on the extra cost for the enclosed trailer journey. If you have never had to repair your exotic, you should always assume that the cost of damage will be far greater than some added cost to your shipping bill for an enclosed trailer.

Transporting exotic car

2.       Ask About Insurance When Transporting An Exotic Vehicle

Make sure the shipping company is properly insured before you let them ship your exotic car to your home. You will also have coverage for damages from your own insurance as well, but often the cost of replacing an exotic car is quite prohibitive for people. Make certain that you are double-covered for damages by securing a copy of the insurance information from the company that wants to haul your vehicle to a new place.

Insurance can help you cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle if something happens while it’s in transit. Make sure your car insurance policy is up-to-date before sending your car to a new location with a shipping company. Coverage extensions and other favorable policy adjustments can often be added to your policy. This will help protect your car in case of an accident on the way to your new home.

Getting insurance information from your prospective shipping company is a legal requirement. Make sure you verify the company’s information and documents. Also, verify their FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) number before you sign a contract. Scams are common in the car shipping industry, so be sure you’re not giving your car to a scammer.

3.       Before Shipping Your Exotic Car Ask About the Details of the Job

Regardless of the type of car you are shipping, ask the shipping company about the specific details of the job. Also, get a quote for the full scope of services included in the cost before agreeing to a shipping contract. You may be overpaying if you only talk with someone on the phone about the job.

You want to look at shipping company quotes with an eye for how much you are getting for the cost of your contract versus shopping for the cheapest shipping company for the task. There are many reasons that a company might be able to ship your car for a very low price, and you might not want to give your car to a company that does not offer all the services that you were hoping for just to get a cheap rate.

Having a stack of quotes in front of you can help you decide which shipping company is the right one for your needs. Each company will have different shipping jobs available to applicants, and you will have to pay extra for some of them. This makes it easy to compare and contrast your options.

Exotic car transportation

4.       Inquire about Door-to-Door Service Before Transporting Your Exotic Vehicle

Depending on your location, you might not be eligible to have your car delivered or picked up at your front door. Terminal-to-terminal service can be the only option open to you, but it’s a great way to save some money. Usually, door-to-door service is more expensive for shipping companies. Therefore, to reduce cost, ask if you can drop off your car and pick it up at a terminal location.

Most people think of car shipping jobs as being door-to-door. They get unpleasantly surprised when they find out their car will not be brought or picked up at their home. If you only drive and park your exotic car at shows, you might not want to take your car to the terminal under its own power. You could also be worried about your car sitting in a parking lot at a terminal until you pick it up.

This is one of the logistics related to car shipping that people are often unaware of. Ask about this detail before assuming you can easily pick up your car and deliver it to your home. Since your car will most likely be in a closed trailer, it is unlikely that the transport company will not be able to pick up your car and deliver it to your home, but it is still a fair question to clarify before you sign the contract.

5.       Make Sure That Your Exotic Car is Ready to Ship

One of the key things that will be done when the shipping company picks up your car is an inspection. This will be done by the company that is taking your car to a new location. The details will be documented on the bill of lading. This bill of lading is used both to document any existing damage to the car. Also, you’ll need to verify the condition of the car when it is delivered using the same bill of lading.

Make sure that your car is very clean and ready for inspection before it is picked up. Dirt or other substances on the car can lead to a bill of lading that is not correct. You cannot ask the shipping company to pay for damage that they noted on the bill of lading before the car was in their possession. Therefore, make sure your car is clean and easy to assess at the time that it is picked up. You should never sign the bill of lading if there is damage to your vehicle either.

If there is damage to your car that needs to be addressed, when it’s delivered, don’t sign the bill of lading. When you sign this document, you agree to the terms and conditions under which the car was delivered in. It may be difficult to get a resolution for damages that may have been caused during transport after this.

Stolen Belongings and Car Inspection

Make sure as well that your car does not have any personal items in the trunk or inside the cab. The shipping company is not responsible for any stolen or lost personal belongings during the transport job. Therefore, remove all of these items from the car and pack them for your move in the right way. Avoid transporting personal belongings that could shift around and cause damage to your car.

Having your car ready to be inspected and ready for pickup can also save a lot of time for you and the shipping company on the day that they take your car into their possession. No one wants to have to dither about the details of the shipping job on pick-up day. Also,  your shipping company will be grateful that you were so prepared for their arrival.

Shipping an Exotic Car Can be Easy

Moving exotic car

Use these tips when looking for a shipping company for your exotic car, and you’ll have a great overall experience. Shipping companies often have enclosed trailers specifically designed for transporting exotic cars, so it is easy to find one that can provide services to you. Always make sure to compare quotes and find the best option for you. Shipping companies may offer many benefits for the same type of job. Therefore, it is important to be sure that the benefits are the right fit for you.

If you have never shipped a car, don’t panic! These tips and tricks will get you ready for the process of finding the shipping company that you need. They will also help you to get the right shipping services lined up. Shipping an exotic car doesn’t have to be hard, and you will be glad that you took the time to prepare for this process when you send your car to your new home with an experienced exotic car shipper.


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