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Moving your car to a new location can be stressful especially if you don’t know the type of auto transport company to help you. You might have lots of questions about the best way to take care of this need. You may also have questions about the kind of transport company to hire to take care of this job. It can be overwhelming to plan your car’s transport to a new place and this is even more true if you are not sure what your options are.

There are different kinds of car transport companies to choose from, and you will want to know enough about your options to be sure that you get a contract with the right one. If you have never moved your car in this way before, you will need to know which kinds of transport companies are out there and which ones to work with to transport your car safely and without breaking the bank.

If you are ready to learn more about the types of auto transport companies, read on!

Types of Auto Transport Companies

kinds of auto transport companies

1. Truck Transport, the Most Convenient Type of Car Shipping

In this method of moving your car to a new location, a truck will show up to get your vehicle. This truck will be specially made for hauling cars. Also, your car will be added to the trailer along with other people’s vehicles. This kind of truck will be open to road grime and the elements. Nonetheless, your vehicle will not have mileage added to it during the trip. Your car will also be delivered in the order that makes sense for the transport company’s needs.

You can save money with this kind of transport, and you will have the option to have your car delivered to your new address in some cases for an added charge. Most companies will also allow you to select terminal delivery and pick up as well. In this method of transporting your vehicle, you will bring your car to the terminal, and it will be loaded onto the truck. You will then pick up your car at the terminal that is near your new home.

This is the most common means of transporting your car to a different location. You can trust licensed and insured companies to take care and get your car to you in good condition. Always make sure that you ask for proof of insurance and licensure before you sign a contract with any company that offers truck transport services.

2. Rail Freight

In this method of transport, you’ll bring your vehicle to a terminal where it will be loaded onto a train. This train will carry your vehicle along with other cargo to your new home. You will then pick up your car at the terminal near your new address.

This is a more expensive way of transporting your car. It can lead to damage to the paint due to exposure to grime, dust and grit from the train’s wheels. There may be extra insurance you’ll carry to cover your car for a loss during this kind of transport. This might not be possible from every place in the US and if you are not near a rail line that can pick up your car, you might be out of luck from the start if you were interested in using this option for your car’s trip to your new home.

3. Air Transport, the Most Expensive Way to Move Your Car

This is the most expensive choice for your car’s transport needs. Nevertheless, it can be your only option in some cases. When you move to a new country or a place that cannot be reached any other way, air transport might be your only choice. Air transport is significantly fast and this can be one of the biggest benefits for choosing this method of delivery.

When you use air transport to move your car, it will have to be delivered to the airport to be picked up by plane. The transport companies that connect you with air travel for your car might also be willing to pick up and deliver your car to your home address for an added fee. This is not a common added benefit, but some larger companies will let you take advantage of this benefit for a price.

types of car shipping

4. International Relocation

This is one of the costliest transport jobs that you might have to pay for. Many people choose to sell their car before they move due to the cost of international relocation of vehicles. They sometimes also elect not to buy a car that is in another country. This is to avoid the hassles and cost of this kind of transport job. If you are going to send your car overseas to a new country, or you want to buy one and bring it to the US to your location, you should expect to pay top dollar for this transport service.

There are other considerations that you will need to keep in mind as well. There are very few companies that offer these services. This means that you will likely have to accept whichever one will agree to move your vehicle for you. Also, make sure that your car is insured for a trip across the ocean on a container ship. Most of these trips cannot be handled by airlines, so a cargo ship is your best bet.

Shipping To The US From Out of Country.

You should also be aware that some cars are not legal to drive in the US and vice versa. The differing emissions standards and safety standards of other countries can impact your ability to legally drive your car when it arrives. Always check the emissions and safety laws related to vehicle use in the country you are shipping your car to. Especially in the US in case you are bringing your cars from another country.

Any vehicle that is relocated internationally will have to pass inspections and get permits for that country. You will also have to pay import dues and other fees related to bringing the vehicle into the country. This can add up and for most people, this kind of auto transportation job is too expensive to even contemplate.

Moving a Car Can be Easy With the Right Kind of Shipping Service

When moving to a new location, if you can not drive your car yourself, an auto transport company can help you move it. If you need to transport your car somewhere, a licensed and experienced transport company can help make the process easy. They’ll take care of everything from scheduling the transport, to ensuring your car arrives in good condition.

When you are moving or buying a car that is located in another state, think about how you want your car to be delivered to your home. There are many kinds of auto transport companies and all of them offer unique benefits. This list of the types of auto transport services will help you find the perfect transport company for your needs.


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