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The term “auto transporters” can refer to a few different types of auto transport companies out there, and in this quick little page we’re going to give you a quick rundown about the different types of auto transport companies (auto transporters) out there today that you can find. We here at Mercury Auto Transport are considered brokers – we help customers find carriers to transport their vehicles and we work with carriers to help fill their trucks. It’s a great system that helps everyone out, but we’re not the only auto transport company out there, and there are other companies that do different things than we do. So read on for more about auto transporters and what you can expect when searching for them.

Auto Transport Quote Providers

Chances are, if you’re reading this right now you found us through an auto transport quote provider. Quote providers are companies that operate primarily on the internet and advertise for us brokers. When you fill out their form on their website your information will be sent to anywhere from 5-12 brokers, just like us, who will look at your information, calculate a quote and then e-mail it to you and maybe call you, if you provided your telephone number. Most brokers rely on auto transport quote providers for a majority of their business; our website is here as an additional resource for our customers, but most of our customers find us through one of the online quote providers that we work with to find customers. They are usually a customer’s first stop when looking for auto transporters. They won’t move your car – they just get you in contact with companies that will (like us).

Auto Transport Brokers

Auto transport brokers are the companies that you will always want to book your transport with. Not only are they easy to find (carriers are not), but they will make sure that you get a good price on your auto transport and that you only work with certified, licensed carrier companies – or at least we here at Mercury Auto Transport make sure you will. We facilitate communication between you and the carrier; we do all the legwork for everyone and make sure that things get done and scheduled and that your vehicle ultimately gets picked up. We may not physically move the vehicle ourselves, but without us the carriers would never be able to get anything moved: they’d be spending too much time talking to you instead of driving! So we’ll talk to you – all day long if you want – because that’s what we do here at Mercury Auto Transport.

Auto Transport Carriers

Lastly, the auto transport carriers, which you’ve read plenty about so far we’re sure. If you haven’t guessed by now, carriers physically transport your vehicle from Point A to Point B. They are vital to the industry, as without them vehicles would not be transported at all. They don’t have the time or resources to spend all day chatting with customers, and they rely quite heavily on us to find loads for them to transport. Carriers run on specific routes and search for vehicles that need transporting along the routes they service; as such, there are thousands of carriers out there transporting across thousands of routes. Some routes are easier to find a carrier on than others, but regardless, you won’t be able to book with a carrier directly – they don’t want you to, they want you to book through us so they can keep things in order. Make sense?

We here at Mercury Auto Transport only work with the best auto transport carriers in the industry to transport your vehicle, and you can rest easy with the knowledge that your vehicle will be in good hands when you book with us. You can fill out our free online quote request form or give us a call toll-free at 800-553-1828 to speak to one of our live auto transport representatives who can give you a quote, answer your questions and help you book your order. With Mercury Auto Transport, you just can’t lose.



First, we post your vehicle through our network, including all National Dispatch Boards for Auto Transport. This is where all licensed auto transport carriers can see your vehicle is available for shipping.


We present offers from FMCSA Licensed and Insured Carriers. When you accept an offer, we send your service agreement that guarantees the price, door-to-door service and 100% bumper to bumper insurance. There are never any hidden fees or charges, guaranteed.


Not until you approve your carrier and final logistics is your deposit due. Your deposit is included in your quote and goes toward the total price. The remaining balance is due at time of delivery. Nothing gets done without your approval.



Your driver will contact you prior to your pickup and delivery dates to schedule a time for loading and unloading. Once your vehicle reaches its destination, you do a final inspection of your vehicle and pay the driver the remaining balance. You and the driver both sign the Bill of Lading and each keep a copy.

Car Shipping Options


Open auto transport carriers are considered the standard carrier in the industry today.


Enclosed auto transport carriers are not as readily available as open carriers but…


Flatbed carriers are the least-used transporters, required only for vehicles…

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