A sign that fake auto carrier reviews have been spotted

A Look at Fake Auto Carrier Reviews

A Look at Fake Auto Carrier Reviews

David Stone
Updated October 18, 2021 by David Stone

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    A sign that fake auto carrier reviews have been spotted


    Not every auto carrier review you find online should be taken as 100% truth — false information is out there.

    Shipping your car from one city to another is a stressful experience. First, you have to select a carrier, and you’ll quickly learn that there are many different options available. Even once that part of the process is complete, you’ll be left wondering if you made the right decision.

    Reading online reviews is an essential tool as you select a service provider. After all, what better way to learn about a company than through the experiences of past users?

    However, false reviews are an issue in every industry, including auto transport. The gist is that companies will hire firms to post positive reviews, which can persuade consumers to use their services.

    They might also use hired posters to write negative reviews about competitors.

    While online reviews can provide a sample of public opinion on a business, they shouldn’t be your only resource because there could be a lot of fraudulent information circulating. 

    Here’s a look at how to spot false auto carrier reviews and some insight into another method you can use to learning about your vendor. 

    Key Takeaways

    • Fake auto transport reviews are everywhere
    • Weeding false information out is possible with some effort
    • Mercury Auto Transport can assist by vetting potential carriers for you


    How to spot a fake review

    As you look through auto carrier reviews, it’s almost certain you’ll come across some featuring misleading information. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to spot the fakes.

    • Watch for scene-setting: Commonly, fake reviews will develop a narrative featuring a ton of background information rather than focusing on the actual experience with the vendor. Reviews that go deep into locations, settings, and the type of car they’re transporting could be fake because this is all generic information rather than objective data on the carrier. 
    • Look at the names: One reliable way to spot a bogus review is through the name the writer uses. Names like John Smith and Jane Doe are common fakes, while a randomly generated username made up of numbers is also likely fraudulent. The profile might not have a picture or use a stock photo, as well.
    • Observe similar reviews: A major red flag when looking at auto transport reviews is when you find multiple write-ups using the same phrasing or words. In these cases, there’s a good chance the firm creating the reviews was provided with a list of talking points to include, leading to repetition.
    • Consider the language: Reviews using industry jargon and terms that the average customer wouldn’t know are suspicious. There could be situations where the consumer has picked these terms up during the shipping process, but these instances are rare because most users don’t dig that deep into the industry.
    • Be cautious of glowing reviews: If a review is 100% positive or negative, it could be a fake. Most real reviews will mention both pros and cons of the service, even if the drawback is a small thing and the experience as a whole was a good one.

    While none of these situations mean that you’re 100% dealing with a series of fake reviews, it’s vital that you remain cautious as you read them. Don’t take anything as the whole truth, and only use online information you find on a shipping vendor as part of the story, rather than the entire thing.

    How to find valid information

    It’s worth noting that not all information found in online reviews is fake; you just have to be careful about what you’re reading. If something sounds too good to be true, it might be an attempt to mislead consumers. 

    Online review sites are attempting to make the process more transparent nowadays, but misinformation can still slip through the cracks. Keep your expectations realistic and don’t believe everything you read just because it’s published online.

    Using an auto transport broker is another way to ensure your carrier is legitimate. The last thing you want is a vendor that doesn’t have the necessary licensing or has a bad reputation in the industry. 

    A reputable broker will complete a background check on every vendor before allowing the vendor to start a shipment bid for their customers. The broker will look at ratings, references, and insurance. It will also verify all the information the carrier provides, offering you peace of mind. 

    If you’re unsure about the reviews you’re reading online, using a broker can put your mind at ease as you ship your car across the country.

    Shipping your car

    As you begin your search for an auto carrier, reviews can be part of the process. Your car shipping broker is another asset that can ensure the entire process runs smoothly. 

    Mercury Auto Transport is a broker that thoroughly vets every carrier before presenting their bids to you. We allow you to compare prices and only provide quotes from fully insured carriers with FMCSA licensing. Contact us to request your free auto shipping quote today.


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