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What is Enclosed Car Transport and When Should You Consider It?


There are a lot of reasons that you might consider having your car transported within an enclosed car hauler and we are going to cover those reasons within this guide. Most car transport providers will offer their customers the option to have their car shipped within an enclosed vehicle, but it oftentimes costs more than a traditional hauler.

You probably have a lot of questions about enclosed car transport, so let’s just dive right into it by covering the various reasons that it might be a good idea to select an enclosed transport hauler during your next vehicle shipment across the country.

Enclosed Auto Transport Haulers are Really Safe

The most prominent reason that you might be interested in shipping your personal vehicle within an enclosed hauler is that these types of haulers generally offer a lot more protection during the transport process. 

Exposed haulers can leave your vehicle vulnerable to the environment, harsh weather conditions, and even vandalism. Enclosed haulers protect your vehicle from the environment. Plus, only the transport driver will know that your vehicle is inside making vandalism nearly impossible. 

With that being said, you’d probably think that everyone should use enclosed car transport for every vehicle shipment. It doesn’t really make sense to automatically select enclosed car haulers for the vehicle shipment process because it’s more expensive and doesn’t offer a whole lot of extra protection.

The enclosed car transport process is great for special vehicles that are expensive or unique.

For example, high-end sports cars, race cars, or other unique vehicles may be ideal for enclosed transport because you might need to protect these vehicles because of how much they are worth. 

Types of Vehicles that are Suitable for Enclosed Auto Hauler Transport

  • Luxury Cars
  • High-End Sports Cars
  • Race Cars
  • Stock Cars
  • Muscle Cars
  • Limousines
  • Off-Road Trucks
  • Military Vehicles
  • Brand New Dealership Vehicles

If your vehicle fits any of the descriptions on this list, then you might want to consider using an enclosed transport service. You simply might want to place an extra level of protection on your valuable vehicle, which would also make sense for enclosed vehicle transport. 

Simply reach out to your car transport service provider and explain that you’re looking for enclosed transport services and they will provide you with a price quote to get you started.

Enclosed Car Transport Provides Environmental Protection

Protecting your vehicle from the environment can be extremely important, especially if you are having your vehicle shipped to a region where the weather is not ideal. If you expect that your vehicle would be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, then you might want to invest a little bit of extra money in an enclosed transport hauler.

Rainstorms, snowstorms, and dust storms can all occur at various places across the country. You don’t want your vehicle starting out in ideal weather conditions and arriving at its destination will dust, mud, scratches, or other deviations to the paint surface. It’s highly recommended that you find a transport service that provides enclosed transport haulers if this is a significant priority for you.

The last thing that anybody wants is to have their vehicle damaged during the auto transport process. While many transport providers do have policies in place to compensate customers if their vehicle is damaged, transport companies would rather not have the vehicle damaged in the first place. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and sometimes these accidents are not caused by the transport driver. 

Vehicle transport companies will generally make every effort to accommodate customer requests and that is one major reason that enclosed car transport exists as a common service within the auto transport industry. 

Customers will have to make the decision if the value of protection is worth the extra money that it will likely cost to have an enclosed car hauler for the vehicle shipment. That decision should be carefully assessed based on the vehicle type before a final decision is made. 

Eliminate the Risk of Vandalism With Enclosed Auto Transport

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Vandalism is certainly not the most common thing to worry about when having your vehicle transported, but some incidents have been reported. Deliberate vandalism can to vehicles that are located on exposed vehicle carriers if the transport driver has to make a pit stop along his route in a high-crime area. An enclosed hauler protects your vehicle from possible vandalism.

While this isn’t directly related to enclosed vehicle haulers, it’s always worth noting that some vehicle delivery terminals have been vulnerable to theft vandalism as well. This is just another reason that home-delivery services are growing in popularity within the auto transport industry.

Protecting your vehicle from vandalism may be slightly more expensive than simply hiring an open carrier to transport your vehicle, but it’s well worth the investment, especially if your vehicle is unique or valuable. You should not avoid the possibility of enclosed vehicle transport if this is the case.

Priority Service Handling in an Enclosed Auto Transport Carrier

Priority vehicle shipment packages are sometimes available where auto transport providers will actually prioritize your vehicle shipment and take a full approach at protecting and expediting your vehicle shipment. This will generally include an enclosed vehicle hauler and a much quicker shipping process. 

This will also cost quite a bit more, depending on the route and the specific auto transport company that you are using. Priority service can be great, but it is not always available. Around the holidays and other busy times of the year, priority handling may not even be offered.

You should plan your vehicle shipping schedule carefully and try to determine if priority service handling is going to be needed for your specific situation. It might also be a good idea to ask about which services are included in a priority service handling package. 

While this concept may seem intimidating and expensive, it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. Priority handling is definitely more costly, but you have to remember that you are paying for expedited shipping speeds and enhanced vehicle protection by requesting an enclosed hauler.

If you are looking to save money, then it might be a better idea to try and simply select an enclosed hauler for your vehicle shipment instead of the full package. Your schedule should be considered far in advance to give you the best possible chances of having an organized vehicle shipment that arrives at your destination on-time. 

Enclosed Auto Transport May Come With Better Insurance

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Many auto transport providers will provide customers with enhanced insurance coverage if they are shipping a valuable vehicle with an enclosed transport hauler. Instead of the traditional coverage, transport companies will likely offer you insurance coverage that is way more appealing and protective. 

Ask your auto transport provider about the difference between the insurance coverage because you are definitely going to want to know about the varying levels of insurance and any other additional bonuses that might be included with your shipment plan.

Loading and unloading your vehicle into an enclosed hauler may be considered safer than an exposed hauler. Many companies will use soft straps instead of chain straps for additional layers of protection during the loading process.

Chains have been known to increase the risks of damage in some rare cases so you will be able to have peace of mind by knowing that soft straps are being used.

Insurance coverage is a complicated concept and most of the information likely remains within the signing agreement between you and the auto transport company. It is highly recommended that you sit down and review all of the insurance information so that you understand your rights and privileges during the vehicle shipment process.

In that case, if something does go wrong, you will immediately know what you are entitled to without having to scramble and panic. 

Using Enclosed Auto Transport for Race Cars and Sports Cars

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This is a concept that isn’t generally covered too much when discussing enclosed auto transport services but it actually is one of the most common reasons that you’d consider having your vehicle shipped in this manner. 

If you are the owner of a race team and that provides race cars for a particular racing series around the country, then you are probably interested in having the vehicles transported with an enclosed hauler. This is extremely common for smaller race teams that take part in various stock car racing series like NASCAR.

Small teams don’t generally run full-time and they also can’t afford their own haulers. It is much more cost-effective to have an official vehicle transport company ship their race cars to any racing venues that they may attend throughout the racing season. This is also generally true for other racing series that include luxury sports cars and specialty cars.

While you might not be included within this niche, many auto transport providers will work with race teams if they have priority race car shipments that need priority. In some cases, there may even be bulk discounts negotiated between the transport company and the racing organization. 

Enclosed haulers are great for race cars because they can provide full protection against the environment and any other outside sources that could create damage. You won’t have to worry about any of the other topics that have already been mentioned, including environmental protection, vandalism, and insurance coverage. 

If you plan on shipping race cars, there really isn’t any other option than buying your own hauler and hiring your own truck driver, or negotiating a service agreement with an auto transport company that can get the job done quickly and professionally. 

Other Reasons for Using Enclosed Auto Transport Services

There may be some alternative reasons that you elect to use enclosed transport services during your vehicle shipment process. If your reason is not listed here and you are not sure if enclosed or open carriers are right for your vehicle shipment, then feel free to reach out to the auto transport provider for additional guidance or assistance.

Some people use enclosed transport for their vehicle shipment because it provides peace of mind and can take off a layer of stress that would otherwise exist. You may also simply prefer enclosed vehicle transport which is perfectly fine. Some people aren’t comfortable having their vehicle exposed to the harsh elements on a cross-country shipment. 

The best thing that you can do is to carefully think about your options and evaluate your personal situation. Enclosed transport is ideal for some people and for some individuals it isn’t a suitable fit. If you are struggling to make this decision, spend a little bit of time trying to evaluate your circumstances so that you don’t get left hanging.

Shipping Your Car Using Enclosed Auto Transport

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Now that you’ve had a chance to review some of the most prominent reasons to consider enclosed vehicle transport carriers for your next vehicle shipment, it might be a good idea to summarize many of the concepts that were discussed in this guide.

Environmental protection for your vehicle and an increase in insurance coverage may be among the reasons that you’d prefer enclosed vehicle transport, but even if you have an average used car, enclosed transport may seem appealing. 

The differences between enclosed and open vehicle carriers may seem insignificant. The truth is that it really depends on the type of vehicle that you are planning on having transported. You will have to consider this and see what options are available, but it never hurts to play it safe and select an enclosed carrier.

One thing that you should generally expect throughout the auto transport industry is for enclosed auto carriers to cost more money than alternative carriers. In most cases, enclosed shipping will be more expensive but also offer you more benefits. The insurance coverage will likely be higher with enclosed shipping agreements with auto transport companies due to the increased likelihood of your vehicle being more valuable.

It’s always a good idea to read through the shipping agreement before signing or agreeing to any particular transport company. That way you can be absolutely sure that the terms are suitable for your situation and you will have a complete understanding of the entire process. 

Enclosed car transport is extremely popular, and you should strongly consider it if you fit into any of the categories listed within this guide. Doing your research and thoughtful planning can ensure you make the very best choice for you and your vehicle, giving it the best odds to arrive in pristine condition.


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