Auto Transport Services to South Dakota

Like its northern neighbor, North Dakota, South Dakota is far from the most popular auto transport location – but unlike North Dakota it’s actually a bit more popular with customers and as such there are a few more carriers willing to run routes through the state. Though North Dakota ranks 48th out of 50 in total population, South Dakota ranks 46th – not a huge increase, but it helps the cause. Also, it helps that one of the most popular east-west interstates in the U.S. (well, at least in parts of the U.S.) runs through it, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

I-90 is a popular east-west interstate that runs through South Dakota. It originates on the west coast in Seattle and runs through many states including Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, with the eastern parts of the interstate definitely being more popular. Typically carriers that run routes along I-90 will stay west of Minneapolis, as there are a lot more customers shipping to and from the populated metro areas around the Great Lakes and in New England, but some will be willing to go as far as South Dakota for a bit extra compensation.

I-29 is the only other major interstate running through South Dakota, though instead of east-west it runs north-south along the eastern border. It runs through cities like Sioux Falls and Watertown, while I-94 runs through Sioux Falls and Rapid City. South Dakota’s only real major metro areas are either Rapid City or Sioux Falls, though, so when transporting to or from South Dakota you’ll probably find it’s cheapest to ship to or from one of those cities on the whole, as carriers are more likely to pickup and deliver from larger cities and metropolitan areas. Check out South Dakota’s official website for more info about the state.

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