If you have never had to ship a car, you might not know much about the process of moving your car from one location to another in this way. You might have always chosen to drive your car to your new home when you moved, or maybe you have never purchased a car out of state or away from your local area. If you do find that you need to ship your car, you might be wondering what the common reasons for engaging a shipping company might be.

There are many good reasons that you might elect to ship your car with a professional carrier to a new location. You might also want to have someone bring your new car to you so that you do not have to drive it home yourself. Shipping cars can be a really ideal solution for those who do not like to drive long distances or those looking to spare their car some mileage when it needs to be moved over a long distance.

If you are ready to learn more about why people ship their cars, you need to read on!

Reasons That People Ship Their Cars?

Not all of these considerations might apply to you, but if you have been uncertain about the pros of shipping your car with a professional, all of these considerations might come into play. There are many reasons why people elect to have someone else move their car for them, and you might not have thought about some of the benefits that are offered by this kind of assistance. The time of year, the number of cars that you need to move, and the distance that you have to travel can all be factors that impact your choice to ship your car or take care of the driving yourself.

Why are people shipping their vehicles

They Need to Ship a Classic Car

Classic cars are often not designed for long-distance driving, and they might not even be in any condition to drive much farther than around the block. Older vehicles can also be really uncomfortable to ride in or drive over a long distance. Some classic cars are not able to drive at freeway speeds either, which can make this kind of long-distance trip impossible. Lots of classic cars were made in an era when driving over long distances was not really a consideration, and even with upgrades, these cars might not be up for the challenge of a long trip like this.

If you own a classic car, you will want to spare this car from being damaged, and you will also be interested in avoiding the effort of driving it across such a significant distance. A car shipping professional can move your classic car for you to your new home in an enclosed trailer as well. This will spare your vehicle damage from road debris and weather, which is not something that you can avoid when you are driving your car yourself. Many people will also choose to ship their classic cars because they will not readily fit onto a car trailer that you can rent from U-Haul or another rental agency.

Classic cars are one of the vehicle types that basically require a shipping company to move them over long distances. There are so many reasons that this is not a realistic undertaking for car owners, and a shipping company can easily ensure that your classic car will arrive at your new home unscathed. Having the peace of mind that your classic car is not getting rock chips or driving over rough roads that might damage it can be a key benefit to choosing to ship your classic car rather than moving it yourself to your new home.

Shipping Car is Safer Than Driving

Not everyone is comfortable driving across the country or even driving for a long period. If you have to drive alone, this might also not be a safe plan for you to make to relocate your car. Freeway driving can be scary to some people, and driving during the colder part of the year might be riskier due to ice and snow. For those who are not comfortable driving across a long distance, car shipping is often the best choice to make.

Hauling a car trailer behind a moving van can also be really intimidating for some people, and this might be a good reason not to undertake this task yourself. If you have never hauled a trailer of any kind before or have never driven a large box van-type vehicle, adding a car trailer to the mix can be really dangerous. There are lots of added considerations that need to be thought of when you are driving this kind of vehicle and trailer down the road, and your comfort with this experience can be the difference between having an accident or getting to your new home safely. Remember as well that you might have to cover tough mountain passes or traverse winding highways with this long truck and trailer combination, which can be really stressful for those who have never done this before.

Anyone who is thinking about relocating their own vehicle across a long-distance needs to be honest with themselves about their driving skill and comfort level. It can be easy to overestimate your comfort with this kind of trip and then find out that you struggle with driving on the freeway for so many hours or you are having a hard time staying awake. Safety can be a key factor in the choice to have a shipping company haul your car for you to your new location.

Why are they shipping their cars?

Shipping Car Can Save Their Money

While the quote for shipping costs can seem high when you hear it, you need to remember that you will have to spend money for your own comforts as you drive your car to a new place. You will need to include fuel prices, hotel stays, and food and dining options for yourself along the route. This can add up to more than you might think, and if you are driving your car across a long distance, you might actually end up spending more than the cost of the shipping trip with the professional company.

When you pay to have someone ship your car, you will actually be splitting all of these costs with the other people who have cars on the trailer. This means that you will almost always spend less than if you did the driving yourself. Between the cost savings and the peace of mind, as well as your own personal time savings, this can be a big benefit for choosing to have someone ship your car for you. Saving money during a move can be the key benefit of choosing this option for relocating your car. You will need to make sure that you look into all the various options available to you carefully so that you are not attracted by cost savings that are linked with poor quality service.

Shipping a Car is More Convenient

If you are working on planning a move, or you need to move more than one car to a new place, you might not have the time, energy, or people to move your vehicle or vehicles to your new location. This is where shipping a car can be a big benefit to you. You will be able to schedule your car to be picked up at your home and then dropped off at your new address, and you can usually choose from a few different dates within the date range of your move.

If you live down a narrow street, you might need to drive your car or cars to a pickup hub that the shipping company uses. This can actually save you money on the trip as well, which is a good secondary benefit of using a terminal location for your pickup and drop-off. Convenience is a key reason that many people choose to ship their car because there is already so much going on when you move that adding one more large job to take care of does not make any sense.

why shopping cars

They Can Rely on Car shipping Companies

Shipping companies know what they are doing, and they deliver cars to people all over the United States on a daily basis. You will be able to trust that your vehicle is going to be in great condition when it arrives and that it will show up when the company says that it will. Most companies also offer real-time tracking now that you can use to see where your car is along its route. This can offer peace of mind that driving your car yourself cannot, and you will be able to keep tabs on your vehicle with ease even if you need to call into a dispatch center to check on the location of the truck.

Reliability is a key benefit to choosing to send your car or cars with a shipping company to a new home. You can also trust that the shipping company will pick up a car that you have purchased in another state and bring it right along their stated route. This can be the easiest way to get your car moved for you, and you will not have to think twice about whether or not it will arrive in good shape and on the right date.

Cars That Are Not Currently Drivable Can Easily Ship

Some people might have a project car that needs to be moved, or maybe they have a classic car that is not in driving condition. This can be handled with ease by a shipping company, and it can make sure that you do not have to try and drag a car that is not in driving condition behind your moving truck for the whole trip to your new home. Being able to send a car that is not in driving shape to your new residence with a professional can be so much easier than trying to handle this job yourself.

Most people are not that comfortable renting a trailer they do not own and trying to load a car on it that is not able to get on the trailer under its own power. This is a thing that shipping companies do every day, and they know just how to take care of this need. This is likely the last thing on your list of items that you will want to deal with during a move, but a shipping company can handle this for you with ease. You might need to make sure to disclose this detail to the shipping company that you are planning to work with since this factor might impact the trailer that has to be used to pick up the vehicle. It could also impact the delivery process.

Reasons to ship car

Don’t have to Worried About Theft When Using a Car Shipping Service

If you own a classic car or a rare car of some kind, driving it over a long distance and parking it at rest areas and hotels overnight can be quite risky. Theft of these kinds of cars is quite common, as is vandalism and damage to them when they are parked unattended. When you work with a shipping company that is used to taking care of cars like these, you might opt to have your car hauled in an enclosed trailer. This will keep the risk of theft and damage to a minimum and help ensure that your car will arrive in good condition at your new home.

The worry about theft and damage to a classic car or an expensive and rare car can be a very real deterrent to moving your car yourself. For those who have invested a lot of money in a show car, even damage to the paint can be devastating and hard to repair. You will want to consider this part of the process of relocating your car on your own very carefully before you decide not to use a shipping company for this need.

Car Shipping Can Reduced Wear and Tear

Even a daily driver can benefit from being driven sparingly. If you are moving across the country, this is thousands of miles that might be added to your car’s total mileage count. The wear and tear of driving across long distances can be tough on cars that are being used for daily driving locally but are already high mileage vehicles, or you might be worried about putting lots of miles on your new car. Just because cars are designed for driving does not mean that you will want to casually put over a thousand driving miles in with your vehicle over the course of just a few days.

Many people are trying to make sure that their cars last as long as possible, which means that you will want to think carefully about making the drive in your vehicle versus having your car hauled by a shipping company. You also need to be aware that dragging your car behind a U-Haul can actually add lots of wear and tear to just one set of tires and will falsely increase your mileage even though the car was not being driven during the trip. Hauling cars behind box trucks and moving vehicles can put a lot of strain on them that can be avoided as well by picking a shipping company to move your car for you.

There Are Many Good Reasons to Ship Your Car

Ship your car

From convenience to safety to reduction of stress, there are so many good reasons to have someone else take care of moving your car to your new home. You might be worried about the cost of shipping your car, but when you look at the budget you will need to make this trip yourself, you will see that shipping prices are quite competitive overall. Many people are not comfortable with driving over this kind of distance, and your car might not be up for the wear and tear of this kind of drive.

When you are considering shipping your car, you need to take the time to consider all of your options and be realistic about your own comfort with this kind of driving. You should also look carefully at your budget and your time, and the kind of car that you are going to be relocating. It is always better to be realistic about the job of driving across a long distance and compare the pros and cons with the cost of shipping and the benefits that it conveys.

When you are planning a move, or you have a car that needs to be delivered to you from another state, there are many reasons why having a shipping company do the work for you can make the most sense. Always be sure that you get lots of quotes before you decide on the shipping company for your trip, and take the time to ask a lot of questions about the process. Having peace of mind is a key benefit to selecting the right shipping company for the job, and a little research can go a long way toward making sure that you contract with the right company for your needs.

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