online reviews auto transport company

How to Use Online Reviews to Select an Auto Transport Company

How to Use Online Reviews to Select an Auto Transport Company

David Stone
Updated November 24, 2021 by David Stone

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    online reviews auto transport company

    Many people may struggle with selecting an auto transport company because there are so many different factors to consider. It can quickly become challenging to evaluate all of these important factors to see if a particular auto transport provider is right for you. 

    There are a few different ways that you can truly see whether an auto transport company is a good fit for you. This guide is going to explore some of those methods and try to describe how user feedback can be used to help you make a decision. 

    There’s a fairly good chance that you’ll come across multiple auto transport service providers when you conduct your research to find a reputable company for your next vehicle shipment. These companies will likely differ in their service price and quality. 

    Your particular vehicle shipment is extremely important and you are going to want to make sure to find the right company that is capable of delivering your vehicle to its destination as efficiently as possible. 

    Online Reviews and Customer Feedback of Auto Transport Companies

    You should be able to easily access online customer reviews and feedback for all of the auto transport companies that you are considering for your upcoming vehicle shipment. Online reviews will oftentimes include access to past user experiences that involve service quality, efficiency, and value.

    You will generally have the opportunity to learn about how the vehicle shipment went for each individual reviewer and see how the transport company performed across various service categories. For example, you may be able to learn about the vehicle delivery timespan and the overall value that was provided throughout the entire process. 

    In many cases, reviewers will make it quite clear if they were not satisfied with any particular company’s services. If there were delayed vehicle deliveries, poor customer service, or some other negative experience that occurred throughout the shipping process, you will most likely hear about it in the customer review section. 

    You might be wondering about which platforms are best for auto transport company reviews. There is no exact answer, but there’s a fairly good chance that the testimonials on each individual company website will be biased in favor of that brand. It’s generally best to look at neutral blog posts or general review platforms to access a genuine collection of feedback towards an individual transport company. 

    Finding Reviews for the Car Shipping Quality

    online ratings auto transport companies

    Most customers will mention the overall service quality in their review for the auto transport company because this is generally one of the most important factors that people are going to have to consider when evaluating their decision to select an auto transport company. 

    You shouldn’t ignore warnings in the customer feedback section that talk about service quality because this is an extremely important aspect for any auto transport company. Poor service quality can mean that your vehicle may not safely be transported to its destination. It can also mean that there were delays, unexpected fees, or some other issue that brought down the quality of the auto transport service. 

    Finding Reviews for the Overall Value of The Vehicle Shipping Price 

    You will most likely be interested in this category if you are looking for a budget-friendly auto transport service that can efficiently transport your vehicle to its new destination. Many reviewers will discuss the service costs as well as any additional fees that may have popped up along the way. 

    This type of information in a review can be extremely helpful for new customers that may not be familiar with the vehicle shipment costs. This is also a great way to compare prices between companies if they are not readily available on the auto transport company’s website. 

    While pricing estimates in the review section may not be exactly accurate for your situation, they will likely provide you with a solid baseline so that you can have a clear understanding of what to expect when the time comes to finally pay for your vehicle shipment services. 

    Finding Reviews for Vehicle Shipment Efficiency 

    Efficiency is obviously one of the most important factors that you are going to want to think about when hiring an auto transport company to transport your vehicle across the country. You will likely have a delivery window in your mind that you’d like to have your auto transport company use so that your vehicle arrives on-time. 

    Browsing the internet for customer reviews about vehicle shipment efficiency is a great idea because it will provide you with a lot of information about the performance of the auto transport company that you are evaluating. It’s always good to know whether or not you should expect delays in your vehicle’s shipment.

    Online reviews may be able to provide you with some insight on whether or not your selected auto transport company is capable of delivering the level of efficiency that you expect. If you see a large collection of poor reviews that continuously discuss poor efficiency and lengthy shipment delays, this could be a significant indicator that should serve as a warning about their service quality and performance. 

    Finding Reviews for an Authentic Customer Service Experience

    customer reviews auto transport companies

    Nobody wants to hire an auto transport company that offers poor customer service. This can mean a lot of different things in the world of business but it generally means that you have not received a high level of service quality from customer representatives that are serving you. 

    Most people will make their voice heard in their review if they are not treated fairly by an auto transport company. For example, maybe a customer representative was intentionally misleading a customer in order to get them to sign a service agreement without disclosing information about hidden service fees or unexpected delays. 

    You should always try to read online reviews to see if any auto transport companies are lacking in honesty and transparency because this can be a major warning sign. 

    In most cases, if you don’t see customers discussing customer service, it’s generally a good thing. Customer service will usually only be brought up in reviews if it is really bad. While this is not one of the most common factors that you will hear about in online auto transport company reviews, it is still an extremely important factor that you are going to want to consider before hiring an auto transport company to deliver your vehicle. 

    Best Online Review Platforms to Use

    Now that you understand the various factors and categories that you should look for when browsing online reviews for auto transport companies, it’s probably a good idea to also discuss the best online review platforms that you can use to help you to make your decision. 

    As previously mentioned, it’s generally not a good idea to only use customer reviews from a particular auto transport website. This doesn’t always give you the most complete picture of the customer experience.

    It’s generally a good idea to also visit a few neutral review platforms that have genuine customer reviews that cannot be influenced or biased in any way. 

    Social Media Reviews

    You can use any of the popular social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to access feedback fairly quickly. You can simply search for the auto transport company that you are considering and immediately gain access to hundreds of reviews, comments, and feedback that have been published on social media for that particular brand. 

    While this may not be the best way to access reviews, it’s probably the most convenient because most people have access to social media through their computer or smartphone devices.

    Yelp Reviews

    Yelp is one of the most popular online review platforms that can easily be accessed from a search engine on your computer or mobile phone. Thousands of businesses are listed here, including restaurants, grocery stores, and electronics stores. There’s a fairly good chance that you’ll also find several common auto transport companies on here with in-depth user feedback about each one.

    This platform has several filters that can be used to easily access different types of reviews. You can sort through the most recent reviews that have been published or you can search for specific positive or negative reviews that address certain categories. 

    It’s fairly likely that Yelp is going to be one of your best online review resources that can be used to help you learn more about your desired auto transport company. 

    Google Reviews

    searching for reviews auto transport companies

    Simply searching Google for an auto transport company will likely bring you to an information page that includes customer feedback. This is an extremely quick and efficient way to gain access to recent user feedback for auto transport companies as well as any other type of business that you might want to see feedback for. 

    In a matter of seconds, you could access user feedback for several different auto transport companies in your local region. 

    Google Reviews are extremely popular and reliable because they certify that all of their reviews are accurate and genuine. 

    Are Online Reviews Accurate for the Auto Transport Industry? 

    Online reviews have a mixed reputation across multiple industries because there is a lot of inconsistency in terms of the types of feedback that is received for various businesses.

    The truth is that online reviews can provide a certain level of accuracy, but there’s absolutely no way to guarantee that a listed review is completely accurate. 

    It’s probably a good idea to look at user reviews from multiple review platforms for the same company to see if a lot of people have similar views and opinions about a particular auto transport company. 

    If you see a lot of feedback that seems to be similar, then it’s more than likely probably going to be true. On the other side of things, you may see ten reviews that talk about great customer service, and then you suddenly visit a different review platform and see one poor customer service review. You might just be looking at an inaccurate outlier that may not genuinely reflect the average customer service quality for the company that you are evaluating.

    With all of that being said, it’s fairly challenging to form a consensus as to whether or not online reviews are accurate. Sometimes you have to look at trends in the review section and then actually experience the service for yourself to understand whether or not reviews are accurate for any particular company or brand.

    It’s also possible that companies will look at their online reviews and make adjustments to their service quality to try and improve their reputation. Reviews that improve as the dates become more current is a promising sign that a company values their reputation.

    Final Thoughts on Online Reviews for the Auto Transport Industry

    online ratings car shipping company

    You have now had an opportunity to take a look at several of the different online review platforms that can be used to access recent user feedback for auto transport companies. You have also had the opportunity to learn about some of the most important factors that might be included within these customer reviews. 

    This information can significantly help your ability to make a decision about whether or not you want to select an auto transport company to ship your vehicle. If you see consistent trends in the customer reviews online, you might want to think twice before signing a service agreement with your auto transport company. 

    It’s also possible to see positive feedback in online customer reviews and this can be a great way to reaffirm your opinion about an auto transport company. Imagine that you’ve conducted tons of research about a specific auto transport company and everything sounds too good to be true. You could then visit a few online review platforms and see if all of the reviews are positive. 

    This is a great way to use online reviews as a valuable resource to help you make your decision. It’s extremely important to select an auto transport company that can safely and efficiently transport your personal vehicle to its destination for the best value possible. You should not ignore the opportunity to use the opinions of past customers as a valuable resource during the decision-making process.


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