Vehicle Shipping Services


Open Auto Transport Carriers

Open auto transport carriers are considered the standard carrier in the industry today. There are more open carriers than any other type of transport truck. Click the underlined title above for more information about transporting a vehicle via an open transport carrier.

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Enclosed Auto Transport Carriers

Enclosed auto transport carriers are not as readily available as open carriers but they do not have to be. Enclosed carriers specialize in hauling vehicles that cannot be exposed to the elements that most cars are during open transportation.

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Flatbed Transport Carriers

Flatbed carriers are the least-used transporters, required only for vehicles that are too big or wide or tall or heavy for a standard open auto transport carrier. Few customers will require flatbed transportation services but it is there in case you do.

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how it works


Get your car where you need it

Just tell us the following:

  • Where your car is now
  • Where you want it to go
  • When you want it to get there


Save money, get the right price

We take the time to educate you.

After you understand how the process works, and with our professional consultation you will be empowered to name your own price for a driver to bid on your vehicle.

The bid should be based on current market prices which fluctuate with many variables. The essential rule is, the higher you bid, the sooner your car will get picked up.

If you have time on your side, you can set a lower price — and save!


Pick the right driver for you

Pricing & what to expect:

If your posting is not bid on, you will have the opportunity to raise the bid or wait until a driver is in your area with your price

We can tell you how many vehicles are posted in your area at any given time

Once you choose a driver, we complete all necessary paperwork for interstate transit and provide you with all your driver’s insurance paperwork and contact information


about us

We are Mercury Auto Transport, we ship cars and trucks throughout the United States. We appreciate your interest in transporting your vehicle with us. Our commitment is to serve you every step of the way by using only the most reliable auto carriers. While shipping a vehicle is not complicated to understand, there are many trade secrets that will leave you frustrated if not fully explained. We empower you every step of the way with the information you most need to know to make the best decisions about shipping your vehicle.


Car Transport Services

The most basic type of transport – a standard automobile. Read more to learn about how car transport services work.

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Pickup Transport Services

Pickup trucks are a lot different than regular cars, and while most will ship just fine there are some things you should read about before you ship your pickup truck.

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SUV Shipping Services

Limousines are the epitome of style and the declaration of money – if you got it, flaunt it, right? Prom-goers and big-wig executives roll around

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